Located in Cochin Corporation limits at rapidly developing areas in terms of infrastructure, commercial establishments, and overall life standards. Highly investor friendly locations due to multiplying land price, and heavy housing demand.

Price range
Our Products provide value for money in terms of location and facilities. There are no Hidden charges and absolute transparency in area details. We provide apartments at affordable prices. Set at a lower price compared to the market prices, there is ample scope for a reseller to find his margins .

We provide you with the best Workmanship, Super strong structures, and branded fittings, The details about the key ingredients used for constructing your dream home are part of the agreement.

We have proved that we deliver on time. And the finished product is ready to be occupied in all aspects. Incase of any unforeseen delay we compensate you……… penalty clause included in the agreement.

Personalized Service
We take care of even the minutest requirements of the home dweller. And if you want a still more beautiful home, we provide a showcase of additional facilities

Minimum Maintenance costs
Designed to reduce monthly maintenance costs, so that you get a no frills attached home.

No Hidden Charges
The price of the flat is all inclusive of the below mentioned cost
1. Construction cost
2. Undivided share of land
3. Electricity & water connection
4. Building completion certificate
5. 1st instalment of corporation tax
6. Covered car parking
7.Interior Furnishings as per agreement.
(The only additional cost is the registration expense of the property)
Small is beautiful and convenient too..

“Our Mission is to provide the customer an individual home added to advantages of community living at an affordable price.”